The 2011 foals have arrived !
Sulas has given us another gorgeous foal, a boy this time! he is a big strong lad.
his sire is lineker.. .

June 14th 10 am mist delivered another beautiful colt foal.........
Tues june 15 th 6 pm isla gave us a gorgeous filly by Sky Dancer.

wed june 16th 10 am madonna gave us a lovely  colt foal!
2 weeks old.
1 hour old
12 days old
2 month
July 2nd
Cappercaille has given us a beautiful colt.
his sire is Achnacone Sky dancer
more pictures soon

Achnacone Excalibur
2 months
2 months.
2 months.
He is for sale
please check the for sale page
4.5 months old
4.5 months old
4.5 months
5 months old
5  months old